Our crew consists of some of Hollywood’s most talented young filmmakers, who are ready to show the world what they can do with this movie.

Morten Forland, Writer/Director/Producer

Morten has been making movies in his neighbor’s backyards in Norway since he was 12 years old. From Star Wars homages to action thrillers, he has steadily been honing his filmmaking skills, earning award nominations on his way, and is now ready to take on his dream project: an epic Viking/Action/Comedy.
Although he still considers himself young, Morten has amassed an impressive CV with work in feature films (Escape, and the Varg Veum series) and major TV events like the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France and The Amazing Race Norway. Morten’s versatile background has given him insight in all the different elements that makes a movie work, and has prepared him for directing “Total Awesome Viking Power” like a true Viking.

Vincent Valentin, Director of Photography


New Mexico born Vincent is a recent alumnus of Loyola Marymount University, where he discovered his passion for motion picture photography. Vince now works as a freelance cinematographer in Los Angeles, and has already created an impressive, visually striking body of work. His latest film Lurk, a fan fiction action movie set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, gave him the opportunity to explore the action genre, and with Total Awesome Viking Power he is ready to take his visual approach to a new level.

Karen Schlitt, Producer

Born into a family with an affinity for the arts, Karen grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Claremont, CA. She is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University where she will forever be remembered as the best AD ever. When the shoot was at it’s most difficult, Karen was the calm in the center of the storm – making sure everything went according to plan, and that no one got hurt in the process.

Edouard Marchand, Producer

Edouard is a native of France, with a true passion for American film and Television. Like a real Viking, Edouard knows how to make a good deal, and when to trade and when to fight. His extraordinary ability to make things happen, and his amazing organizing skills made him the ideal producer for “Total Awesome Viking Power”.

Jennevie Olivieri, Producer

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jennevie learned English by watching as many episodes of The Power Rangers as she could before bedtime. But it was her grandmother’s fondness for telenovelas and her family’s dramatic tendencies that ignited her obsession with storytelling. She enjoys helping writers and directors develop their voices as a producer in their projects.

Niko Gonzalez & Cat Paschen, Make up Artists

Our dynamic make-up duo Niko and Cat both share an extraordinary love, passion and drive for make-up. After working together at the MUD FX Shop, working numerous projects and competing together of Syfy’s 6th season of Faceoff, they knew it was time to officially join forces. Their level of professionalism and incredible talents really brought out important parts of our characters.
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Jessica Bennett, Stunt Coordinator

Jessica is a multitalented woman with credits in acting , production and most important of all; stunts. Having already worked with director, Morten Forland, twice on previous projects, the process of making the action sequences come to life in an epic and safe way was smooth sailing for the furious ninja leader.

Taylor Sandling, Costume Designer

Taylor is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, majoring in Fashion Design. Originally starting her career with her own line of Young Contemporary clothing and accessories, she eventuallly persued her dream career in Costume Design. In the past, she has been lead designer on a sitcom pilot titled The LAdies, stylist behind the scenes of the theatrical production of The Out Crowd, as well as having worked as the lead costume concept artist on the feature film The Sword from Heaven.


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