Total Awesome Viking Power is blessed by the gods with some amazing on-camera talent.

Vince Major (Vidar)


Vince originally hails from Colorado but moved from city to city throughout the American Southwest until he ended up in Los Angeles. His passion for Shakespeare and George Carlin lead him to pursue acting, first for the stage where he got his renowned skills in sword fighting, and later as a film actor where he is currently enjoying success with films that are appearing in film festivals across the country; most recently Ham and Cheese in Texas and Classroom 6 in Mississippi.
It is rumored that Vince once fought a bear with his bare hands. And yes; he is working on his beard.

Schno Mozingo (Odin)

TAVP_still004_cropSince setting out on his adventures in acting this year, Schno has received a warm welcome from audiences and filmmakers. He’s played roles across the spectrum—from detective to serial killer, from knight to outlaw, from mob boss to Charles Bukowski—and has proven a quick study and committed artist. A seasoned world traveler, he brings a wealth of personal experience, empathy, and imagination to every role he plays.


15Jane E. Seymour (Mistress Helen)

Jane is a highly skilled and successful Australian actress, with more than 30 years of experience in theater, film and television. She is currently based in Los Angeles, but has work and training experience from Australia, the UK as well as the US. Her passion for acting and exploring the world has made her a seasoned traveller, who is constantly looking for inspiration to improve her craft.

 Adele René (Shield Maiden Liv)

TotalAwesomeVIkingPower_Adele-Rene_01Adele René comes from Bloomington, Indiana, where she hails from a family of great minds. However we suspect she is really a Viking shield maiden reborn. Her passion for acting led her to Hollywood, where she is currently enjoying success in both film and theater.

Chris Stathis (Viking Chief Ragnar)

TotalAwesomeVIkingPower_Chris-Stathis_01It can be said that the acting demon had influenced Chris at an early age. Like a squire honing his skills for the preparation of maiden rescue and dragon slaughter, Chris has years of training with the absolute best improvisational theaters in the business, including: The Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, and IOWest. There is no stopping his desire to succeed and his momentum for entertainment conquest.

Jes Selane (Mead)

TotalAwesomeVIkingPower_Jes-Selane_01With his Nordic roots and his badass facial hair Jes was the perfect choice for the giant Viking warrior Jes. Jes is not only an esteemed actor, but also a very talented musician who has shared stages with people from En Vogue, Ozzy Osbourne, RATT, DIO, KISS and more.

Jeremiah Benjamin

TotalAwesomeVIkingPower_Jes-Selane_Jeremiah-Benjamin_01Jeremiah is an actor and a writer with a nack for the quirky characters.
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